Sunday, March 7, 2010

Zofia Bosniaková (1609-1644), Slovakia

A very nice cover decorated with a nice s/s and two small definitives.

Both, the s/s and the small stamp were issued in 2009.
The s/s was issued to commemorate the life of Zofia Bosniaková, who during her life was well-known for her help she gave to the poor and sick and other good deeds. She died at the age of 35 and it is said that her body, almost undamaged, was found 45 years after her death in the castle crypt, despite the fact that it hadn't been embalmed.
The small stamp is from a set of 12 definitives depicting the Cultural Heritage of Slovakia, and this one shows The Church of St John the Baptist in Sedmerovec - Pominovce.

Thanks a lot to Milos for this really beautiful cover.

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  1. Nikako da ti pisam .... Sakas da se menjame? Imam od Hrvatska i razni od cel svet...Ti imas makedonski, ponisteni?Luge mi baraat, a nemam da im dadam :(