Sunday, July 2, 2017

Nautical History, Kiribati

Hello everyone! It has literally been long time no see... more precisely, almost a year :) As some of you know, I lived in China for 9 months... those of you who didn't know, now you do :) Actually I thought I would be able to continue with my updates there, but I was proved wrong cos I simply didn't have time for that... and the free time I had, I just didn't feel like using it for blogposts and stuff... 

and then today I finally was like, hey, it is Sunday, let's see if Sunday Stamps is still up.... *yes it is*... subject of the day "Tall Ships" .. now this kinda confused me.. I have never really referred to a ship as a tall ship,  but turns out there is a distinction indeed and even though those cruising ships are as tall as your eyes could see, they do not actually fall into the 'tall ships' category... go figure :D But I guess I did come up with something appropriate...

However, there was one not a very pleasant surprise for me, and that is to realize that Photobucket (where I've been hosting all my blog images), has for one reason or another decided to s**** its thousands of customers by deciding to prohibit third-party hosting and therefore making all those millions of uploaded images all of a sudden - forever gone (the images are still there on photobucket, but of course not visible outside of it). And if you want them back you should pay not more, not less but $400 a year... someone here has gone insane, and that is not me.

No way Im paying that much of money...after all, this is supposed to be for fun, not some kind of business I'm running here....but my unwillingness to pay, comes at a price of course...a totally useless and ridiculously looking blog... they could have simply put R.I.P on those images.
I don't know when and IF I will ever be able to put all those images back... kinda killed the desire in me, having ditched down the drain years and years of dedicated work...but oh well, who cares about us, the mortal people? Photobucket certainly doesnt..

anyways, sorry for the totally off-topic paragraphs, just had to do my rant... esp. since I realize that out of all those postcard blogs out there, I seem to be one of the rare ones who has actually used photobucket for the posts... yeah, stupid me

so, back to today's actual subjects - this is my contribution for the 'Tall Ships" - this nice FDC from Kiribati, showing "Charlotte" - This convict transportation called at the islands in 1789 to replenish stocks of fresh water while on return passage from Botany Bay to England.

The ship was commanded by Captain Thos. Gilbert whose name was given to the islands.

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