Saturday, September 9, 2017

Postcrossing Stamp, Indonesia

So, even though my initial concept was to be back here regularly... as you already know, it never works this way. And this time I think that whole Photobucket screw up had a much wider influence on me than I thought it had. At first I was really bitter and pissed off, but the common sense prevailed of course, so as the saying goes, It is no use crying over spilled milk... so I just got down to work, trying to restore the images to all posts. Being that I have far fewer posts here compared to the Postcards' blog, I naturally started working on this blog. But what seemed as an easy task at first, turned out to be a really grueling and annoying one, going quite slow. So even after all this time, I am not even halfway done here... which makes me wonder how many years it's gonna take before I am completely done with both blogs... if ever. And then I kinda didn't really have the desire to post anything, knowing that the rest of the blog is pretty useless and in terrible condition.

But anyways, few days ago I received something that inspired me get back to this, and that is this super fantastic FDC that I won in a lottery recently at the PC forum :D

The Indonesia post released 3 Postcrossing-related stamps on 14th July this year, commemorating that way Postcrossings's 12th birthday! Yes, 12th birthday indeed... and out of those 12 years, I've been part of it for over 9 now. Looks unbelievable! Even though I am not active as I used to be, esp. not when it comes to the unofficial part of the Postcrossing, I still enjoy it equally, and reflecting on the time passed, I realize how much it has changed my life, for which I will always be thankful to that day when I accidentally stumbled upon Rafal's blog, which eventually led me to the magic world of Postcrossing :)

More and more postcrossing stamps are being issued... with that being said, I highly doubt the Macedonian Post will ever make it to that list... but oh well :D

Have a nice Saturday evening all!