Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The 50th Anniversary of Man's First Flight into Space, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On this day, April 12th, 55 years ago, Gagarin did what no one before him had managed to achieve - he became the first human to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth.

Unfortunately, I have no stamps commemorating the 55th anniversary, but I have two FDCs issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary, so here they are...

the first one was issued by Croatian Post Mostar (if you are a bit familiar with postal administration, you are familiar then with the division of the postal administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

the second FDC also comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but this time from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Postal Administration.

Well, without wanting to sound politically incorrect, I included both of these since they both represent Gagarin and for the time being, these are the only FDCs I have with him :)

Tonight is also Yuri's Night - the World's Space Party celebrated throughout the world...I hope I will attend the one organized here in Skopje, if my allergy symptoms somehow ease until tonight.

Happy World's Space Day everyone! And drink one to Gagarin tonight :)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

The 200th anniversary of the birth of Hans Nielsen Hauge, Norway

Hans Nielsen Hauge ((3 April 1771 – 29 March 1824) was a noted Lutheran lay minister who led a Pietism revival in Norway and is also considered to have been influential in the early industrialization of Norway

On 27 April 1971, the Norwegian Post issued two stamps commemorating 200 years since his birth...and today it would have been 245 years exactly...

It is generally agreed that Hans Nielsen Hauge had a profound influence on both secular and religious history in Norway. His message emphasized the type of spirituality he felt originated with Martin Luther. He led charismatic meetings, and his organization became an informal network that in many ways challenged the establishment of the state church. As a result, he and his followers were persecuted in various ways. Hauge was imprisoned on several occasions, spending nine years in prison.

Because Hauge's preaching coincided with the years during which many Norwegians were migrating to America, the Haugean influence on Lutheranism in America has been considerable. The Lutheran Church in America had a Hauge Synod, Eielsen Synod and Lutheran Free Church all indicative of that influence. Hauge is remembered on the liturgical calendar of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on March 29th as one of the Renewers of the Church.

I am not exactly sure how I have acquired this FDC, but it is a nice one to have....I mean, it is from Norway :)

Sunrise at the Martinsloch, Switzerland

Greetings all from this absolutely gloomy day here in Skopje - it was supposed to be sunny but for some reason it's been like this these past two days...

 Anyways, without too much chit-chat, let's get down to today's Sunday Stamps edition on the subject of mountains, for which I have this Swiss cover to show.

The Swiss Post issued this strip of 3 stamps on 8 March 2012, and I am happy to have this cover sent on its first day of issue (million thanks to Sara for that), with a postage value of 100 CHF, named "Sunrise at the Martinsloch", where you can see a truly remarkable phenomenon.

The Martinsloch mountain in the Alps has developed a hole that is 21 meters high and 18 meters wide in the rock of the Grosser Tschingelhorn.
Twice a year - on 13/14 March at 8.53 a.m. and on 30 September/1 October at 9.32 a.m. - the sun briefly shines straight through the Martinsloch just before it is due to rise, illuminating the church tower in Elm, as can be seen on these stamps here.
At set intervals, the moon can also be seen through the Martinsloch.

The site is now designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

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