Wednesday, July 1, 2020

End of an era

Was trying to find appropriate date to publish this article but I'm too eager to write it and not willing to wait too long for it. In last two articles (you can check it HERE and HERE if you missed it) I outlined becoming of one of the most influential figures of 20th century, ex Yugoslavia president Josip Broz Tito.

Guess everyone has a peak in his carrier so I guess Tito shouldn’t be an exception although when you are lifetime president there is probably lot of important moments in your carrier so it is trickier to asses but in this case I think it would be hard to miss.

So it is year  1961, Yugoslavia is celebrating 20 years from national insurrection against Nazi occupation.

Souvenir sheet below was issued on July 3 in commemoration of that occasion, it represents Titos statue made by famous sculptor Frano Krsinic, and it is one of the cornerstones pieces for Yugoslavia stamps collection due to low printing quantities.

But in 1961 one globally important event took place in Belgrade, city capitol of Yugoslavia. On September  1st Yugoslav post issued two sets of stamps with similar design but different values (one for regular and another for AirMail with higher values) and one imperforate souvenir sheet. Stamps depict five faces of different races (should burn them now as it is probably racist😏 ) and building of federal assembly in Belgrade.


Now, you wonder on what occasion as none represent Tito!? Well it represents his idea at its best. In September 1961 in Belgrade, on Titos initiative happened Conference of Heads of State or Government of Non-Aligned Countries. Term Non-Aligned Movement or NAM which should be familiar to most of those born in 20th century came in existence after fifth conference in 1976.

This movement is still largest global organization after United Nations and is comprised of 150 member states. General idea of movement was propagation of world peace, cooperation of countries and fighting inequalities as opposed to NATO and Warsaw pact cold war policy. Trough this organization Tito managed to position Yugoslavia as one of very important countries at international scene shoulder to shoulder with countries such as were Germany, UK, China, USA, CCCP and other economical and military giants.

If you are interested in topic you can Google more on that topic as it is very interesting and I do believe that if not for Titos death this movement would become very powerful and maybe led to more just world (hope I don’t sound like Miss Universe😂)

For those skeptical about Tito I want to let know not only Yugoslavia issued stamps with his picture but also Mexico, Brazil, Cyprus, CCCP (even though he had lot of quarrel with them),  Mauritius, Sao Tome
and probably some more. Don’t believe me? Well there is few pics below to support it. Actually in 1980 Guinea issued banknote with his face? How many statesman can say that their face is found on another country banknote, no matter how small country!?

Tito passed away in 1980, on May 4th and Yugoslavia post issued set of two stamps on that occasion.

No matter what anyone claim Tito was historical figure of greatest significance which can be easily assessed. He received numerous medals, too many to name them all but a few like, Order of Leopold, highest order of Belgium, Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum, highest decoration given to living persons in Japan, Federal Cross of Merit, highest decoration in Germany, Legion of Honour, highest decoration in France all in all 119 awards from 60 countries, sounds quite impressive to me!

His funeral was unmatched in history to that time, only much more recent funeral of pope Johan Paul II and Nelson Mandela commemoration are of similar magnitude. His funeral was attended by leaders and representatives of 128 countries and it was unprecedented to any other funeral of any president or statesman.

For the end you can find and read NY Times obituary HERE!