Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Festivals, Argentina

A very nice and colourful FDC coming from Argentina representing Festivals, issued 20th Feb. 2010

Аll 4 stamps have a $1.50 value and they all represent 4 different Festivals.
Еdition: 100,000 copies of each design
Stamp size: 34x44 mm
Layout: 20 copy-sheets
Perforation: 14
Colour: four colours, metalized ink
Paper: without any watermark, or phosphorescence
Printing process: offset

1. National Apple Festival - Reinterpretation of the Apple Monument - street sculpture by architect Leonardo Martin Frullani, 2006, located in the centre ofthe city of General Roca, Province of Rio Negro - from which an allegory of the festivals's queen comes forth. Sparkles representing this fruit's importance for the area.

2. National Sun Festival - Allegory of the festival's queen in the middle of a sun where the beams are the arms held high by the celebrating public. Background: extended fragment of the sun beams of festival's isotype. Isologotype of the May Revolution's Bicentennial.

3. National Students Festival - Allegory of a carriage with the festival's queen coming forth from an open book. Letters and numbers decorate the carriage, the queen's dress and accompany the festivities' diverse items.

4. National Tradition Festival - Allegory of a Fleur-de-Lis, one of the elements in the city of San Antonio de Areco's escutcheon - made up of a man on horseback and a lady dancing a traditional dance. Background: synthesis of the Puente Viejo (Old Bridge) (c.1857), declared National Historic Monument since 1999.

the above description of the 4 stamps is taken from the booklet below, that came inside the cover.
Thanks a lot to Viviana for sending it to me!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

XIII Games of the small states of Europe, Cyprus

Here is a nice FDC coming from Cyprus.

It was issued 1st of June in 2009, presenting the Games of the small states of Europe, where in 2009 these games were held.
The small countries of Europe are defined, for purposes of participating in the Games of the Small States of Europe, as those whose population is under one million. There are currently eight countries meeting this criterion and eligible to participate in the GSSE. The Faroe Islands, although recognised by FIFA, the governing body of football, do not have a separate Olympic Committee. Montenegro, whose National Olympic Committee was recognised in 2007, has not yet requested to join the GSSE.

The stamps issued show Tennis, Cycling and Sailing, although the games are not confined to these 3 sports only.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

25 Years An Post, Ireland

Not many covers from Ireland in my collection, so each one feels precious.

In 2009, 10 stamps were issued to illustrate the integral relationship between "An Post" and the people of Ireland. Each image is placed on a silver background to highlight the 25 years in business and together they show their involvement in many aspects of the community, from people carrying out transactions in their local post office to companies doing business globally.

Out of all those 10 stamps, i have these 2 only. If anyone could send me the whole set, id be EXTREMELY thankful and happy :)


Date of Issue: 3 April 2009
All 10 stamps in the set have a value of 55c.
Stamp sizes 20mm x 24mm
Colour: Multicolour with phosphor tagging
Make-up: Self-adhesive
Printing Process: Lithography
Perforations: 14x14

Saturday, April 3, 2010

XXI Winter Olympic Games. Vancouver-2010, Ukraine


I know the Olympics are way behind us now, but such great stamps are always more than appreciated.

The Ukrainian post office issued these on 05.02.2010, and the details about them are as follows, starting from left to right:
freestyle, face value – 2.00 UAH
ski race, face value – 1.50 UAH
luge, face value – 2.00 UAH
biathlon, face value– 1.50 UAH

Size of stamps – 24,36 х 50,46 mm.
Comb perforation – 11 1/2

Potection of stamps: microprint "В. Таран"; light elements of stamps luminesce under UV-light
Stamps are multicolored; printing process – offset, foil embossing

Friday, April 2, 2010


Here is a nice Finish cover.

Why I particularly like it is coz it has 4 different stamps from the same set. The flower stamps are self-adhesive and were issued back in 2002 in a set of 10. All the 10 stamps represent the Forget-me-not and the Lily of the Valley.
The two top stamps show Lily of the Valley, the one on the left is called Two Flowers, the one next to it, five flowers. As for the Forget-me-not, the one on the left is Group of Five, while the one next to it is called Cluster.
And of course, we have an intruder stamp in the form of Kimi Raikkonen :D Issued in 2008 to commemorate his championship title. The first and the last one. Have I mentioned that Ive stopped watching F1?