Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Festivals, Argentina

A very nice and colourful FDC coming from Argentina representing Festivals, issued 20th Feb. 2010

Аll 4 stamps have a $1.50 value and they all represent 4 different Festivals.
Еdition: 100,000 copies of each design
Stamp size: 34x44 mm
Layout: 20 copy-sheets
Perforation: 14
Colour: four colours, metalized ink
Paper: without any watermark, or phosphorescence
Printing process: offset

1. National Apple Festival - Reinterpretation of the Apple Monument - street sculpture by architect Leonardo Martin Frullani, 2006, located in the centre ofthe city of General Roca, Province of Rio Negro - from which an allegory of the festivals's queen comes forth. Sparkles representing this fruit's importance for the area.

2. National Sun Festival - Allegory of the festival's queen in the middle of a sun where the beams are the arms held high by the celebrating public. Background: extended fragment of the sun beams of festival's isotype. Isologotype of the May Revolution's Bicentennial.

3. National Students Festival - Allegory of a carriage with the festival's queen coming forth from an open book. Letters and numbers decorate the carriage, the queen's dress and accompany the festivities' diverse items.

4. National Tradition Festival - Allegory of a Fleur-de-Lis, one of the elements in the city of San Antonio de Areco's escutcheon - made up of a man on horseback and a lady dancing a traditional dance. Background: synthesis of the Puente Viejo (Old Bridge) (c.1857), declared National Historic Monument since 1999.

the above description of the 4 stamps is taken from the booklet below, that came inside the cover.
Thanks a lot to Viviana for sending it to me!

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  1. The National Tradition Festival is the one that interests me the most. The Puente Viejo must be a very impressive monument. When I was in Argentina, and travelled to San Antonio de Areco, for two days, then I went back to BA to one of those furnished apartments buenos aires that I had rented.
    It was a wonderful experience.