Sunday, January 27, 2013

250 years since the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Macedonia

So here comes another Sunday...and time for another visit to the Viridian's blog...where the theme this week is 'anything you wish'. The most tricky one for me I must say :)
Usually, id go for trains in such cases, sparing myself too much thinking...but I wanted to somewhat break that habit and post something different...and while wondering what could that be...something suitable came into the here I am with this nice FDC issued by the Macedonian postal service in 2006, commemorating the 250 years since the birth of the child prodigy called Mozart....and why did my choice fall on this one? well, coz Mozart was actually born on January 27, so if he was still alive, today he would have been blowing 257 candles on his cake...boy, that would have been one very special cake....i hope it would have been cheesecake :)))
But unfortunately, this great man didnt manage to see many candles on his cake, since he died at the early age of only 35. But even this way, he has left great works behind him, having composed over 600 works.

well, im sure you all know who Mozart was, and more or less know the general things about him, so I wont bore you with that. ill just tell you that Ive never been to Salzburg, where he was born, but id REALLY love to go there one day...theyve told me that it is even more beautiful than me, who is absolutely in love with Vienna, must verify this on-spot one day :)
I love Mozart's works...I cant tell if i have a favourite, coz often it depends on how i feel, and to be quite honest, im terrible at remembering pieces entitled like "Symphony No. 40 in G minor, K. 550" (though that is a really good one by Mozart) but titles like that just dont work for me.
At least the operas bear somewhat normal titles..
Unfortunately, Tom and Jerry seem not to have been into Mozart that much...there is an episode where Bart Simpson plays the Turkish Rondo, (which is a part of the Piano Sonata No. 11 in A major, K. 331, and is probably one of his most popular piano pieces) but honestly i dont think that im impressed much of it...I still prefer the good old Tom and Jerry making a great concert out of some beautiful classical masterpiece :)

so if you know a cartoon where Mozart's music has been used, please share :)

and on a side note, since we are at the Macedonian postal service here...wanted to share something (not so nice) with you...already did it at my postcards' blog, bur for those who do not read that one, or have missed it:
10 days ago, there was a huge fire at the main post office in Skopje...and unfortunately, that is the post office where the Philatelic Bureau is also situated...or should I say, 'was'...there were no deaths fortunately, but the damage is huge..and the post office is not working at the moment...all the employees there have been reallocated to other post offices...however, I cant find out where the philately lady is and if she is working at all or she is taking a break...I dont know if and how many stamps have suffered the fire but practically, right now, i cant get any nice new stamps....I have to be satisfied with the general (boring) ones that are sold at the post offices..and i feel sort of handicapped this way...she was my only source for all the old and new issues, and always very kind and helpful...i mean, the postal clerks are also really nice people, but they just struggle with providing me nice stamps, and it is not their fault my only source is right now...i dont know where. It is also a pity, coz that building was of unusual architecture, and also, very valuable murals have suffered, which used to be in the hall of the post office..quite a tragedy =/

you can read more about it here in case you are interested (lack of websites covering the event in English...sorry)

wishing you all a great Sunday, and before you get on with your Sunday chores, click on the button below and see what other interesting stories you may find today:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stamp Day, France

well, after quite some time, here i am with a post for Viridian's Sunday Stamps.

the theme today is Cartoons and Cartoon-like drawings...well, here is a very nice cartoon cover - couldnt get any more cartoonesque I think :)

On 28 February and 1 March 2009, 116 cities in France (in 92 departments) hosted the 10th edition of the "Fête du Timbre" ("Stamp Fair").

and as it has been the case since 1999, the French Post has chosen for this Stamp Day some comic book and children's literature heroes as topic in order to attract more young people towards the collection of stamps.
So here you have the Looney Tunes characters, that im sure most of you are familiar with :)

Im happy to be an owner of this cover with the three stamps that were issued (€ 0.56 each), where you can see Bugs Bunny and Duffy Duck, then on the next stamp are Wile E. Coyotte and the Roadrunner, and on the final stamp you have Tweety and Sylvester.

above the stamp you can also see the souvenir sheet, consisting of one € 1.00 stamp, where apart from the above mentioned characters, you can also see Taz (the Tasmanian Devil), Marvin the Martian and Yosemite Sam.

I loved watching these cartoons when I was little (and not so little). And out of all these, Sylvester is probably my favourite...probably coz of being a cat...and his clumsiness...though Sylvester Jr. was even cuter :) And I just cant stay indifferent to that lisping-talk :)

thanks a lot to Eric for sending me this cover (from whom I also stole some of the information regarding the stamps :))

well, wishing you a good Sunday and great week ahead. For more cartoon-like stuff, click on the button below