Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cartoons, The Netherlands

Today I received a bunch of stamps, and they arrived in this fantastic envelope!

We are again at the issue of Comics without Disney, by total coincidence :)
These were issued by the Dutch post office in 2001 in a set of 5 stamps dedicated to some of the Cartoon Network and Turner Entertainment Cartoons. I am missing only one of the stamps, but these 4 look lovely as well.
You can surely recognize Tom and Jerry, The Flintstones, Johnny Bravo and Dexter. On the missing stamp are the Powerpuff Girls, so honestly, i dont feel that disappointed for not having it :)


  1. Mnogu mi se ubavi ovie marki so crtani!!!
    ej, nemozam da ti go najdam mailot, za da ti pisam za da ti odgovoram za prakanjeto, dolga prikazna e veruvaj i ne e so sreken kraj sekogas :)
    pisi na : vera . grguricin @ gmail . com
    normalno mailot e bez prazni mesta :D

  2. Original stamps. I am love stamps either, they are kinds like art from each country, most of them are very creative.