Friday, March 19, 2010

EUROPA, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Probably one of the most collected series of stamps among the philatelists, the EUROPA.

While in most of the world it seems to be functioning normally, Macedonia seems to be having serious issues when it comes to EUROPA series...I wonder how this 2010 will be or if history is going to repeat itself.

As for this great mini-sheet, it is from the 2008, when the EUROPA theme was Letters.
For this "Pišem ti pismo" (I am writing you a letter) sheet, the BiH post received the most beautiful sheet award in the international contest for The most beautiful stamp issued in 2008, held in Beijing.
I do love it as well!


  1. Da li bi moglo da se dodje do ovog izdanja - putem razmjene i tome sl?

  2. No wonder this sheet got the most beautiful award price! It is so very beautiful! Love it!