Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fauna, Croatia

Well ok, Ill admit that this is a cover im EXTREMELY biased towards to...and when I found it in my mailbox, i honestly didnt pay any attention to the stamps, and also, i totally forgot about the rest of mail...I was simply blinded by that bottom left corner *cough cough*.

the guilty one for all this is of course Goran...and apart from putting the effort to make this such an adorable cover, I love the stamps he used to and I love that here I actually have the whole set of them.
These are stamps issued in 2007, under the subject of Croatian fauna, showing the River Crayfish (stamp on the left), Lobster (middle stamp) and Norway Lobster - Scampi (stamp on the right).
Really, I couldnt have wished for a lovelier cover :)

Hvala ti Gorane!!!!!!!!

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