Monday, October 17, 2011

Kimi Räikkönen, Finland

well, 17th October is also the day when Kimi was born (not my cat, but Raikkonen! :)) I was just surprised to see that I havent posted yet these two special items in my collection.

this above is a mint version of the mini sheet which I received with huge thanks to Paul, while the FDC below was sent by my dear Essi!

The Finnish postal service issued this on 5 September 2008 to celebrate the fact that Kimi won the F1 championship the year before while driving for Ferrari.
Unfortunately, since then, Kimi didnt manage to show the same success, and eventually pulled out and went to WRC (to my HUGE disappointment). I still hope that one day he'll come back behind the F1 wheel....there are some other great kids there, like Button or Vettel for example, but to me, Kimi is irreplaceable, and despite F1 turning into the boredom it did, I kept watching it for Kimi. I mean, if he wants, he can drive for one of the Cosworth teams, I would still be cheering for him, coz i havent really been a team-fan anyways.

The commemorative issue is a self-adhesive miniature sheet bearing two 1st class non-value indicator stamps.

size of Kimi's stamp:     27.3 mm x 33.0 mm
size of Ferrari's stamp:  74.0 mm x 30.05 mm
perforations:                 12x12

Happy 32nd birthday to Kimi!!!!

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