Saturday, October 22, 2011

200 years since the birth of Franz Liszt

this September the Macedonian post issued a stamp to commemorate the 200 years since the birth of Franz Liszt (yeah, a composer again ;-))

I must say that i really love this stamp as well as the FDC below, but again, the face value of the stamp does not really make it convenient for every day use :( It is such a pity, eh?

Franz Liszt was born on this day, 22nd October, exactly 200 years ago, in the Doborján village in Hungary. A great pianist, composer, conductor and teacher, one of the most prominent representatives of the New German School. He is said to have invented the concept of the piano recital. Before him, nobody dared to have just a single pianist for an entire concert! But Liszt’s powerful and astounding playing were enough to fill concert halls all over Europe. He changed the position of the piano on the stage as well, so that the sound board faced the audience. This meant the music was louder and the audience could see Liszt’s acrobatic hand-work on the keyboard.

His list of works is endless, so I wont go into it right now....if you are ever in the mood to listen so some virtuous fingers playing the piano, look up for Liszt's wont be disappointed :)

date of issue: 21.09.2011
face value:    50 MKD
perforations: comb
printing technique: offset
Size:            40,2mm x 30,2 mm

edit:  sorry, but i just have to share with you one of my favourite Tom and Jerry cartoons...i think Ive always loved this one coz of the music in it...a music piece by Liszt....enjoy!

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  1. That's always been my favorite cartoon, too. Hope you're well.