Monday, October 17, 2011

Frédéric Chopin, Macedonia

I don't usually make two different posts here in one day, but I just coulnd't seem to choose between these two...and if I had dug into my collection a bit deeper, Im sure I would have found something else to add too :)

Anyways, giving the priority to the older guy, as usually it should be.

Macedonian post issued this stamp last year to commemorate the 200 years since the birth of Chopin (huh, that's quite a long time ago....I just sometimes really lose perception of time and have the feeling that everything has happened just recently and that all the great people had lived in my time, or just a while before that:))
Well, today, 17th October, is 162 years since the death of this great artist, a child-prodigy of Polish/French origin (born in Poland, but his father was French).

He left behind a long list of great sure you have heard at least some of them....if not, well, there is plenty to be found on the internet...I usually enjoy classical stuff while I have a lot of work and can't afford to be defocused by singing along some lyrics....yet, i cant really stand this kind of music just plays in the background and gets me going...

anyways, not so much rambling about myself...Im here to show the stamp and the FDC

the stamp above has a face value of 60 denars, or that would equal like 1 Euro, which unfortunately makes this stamp totally inconvenient for using it on the regular mail...only maybe letters to Australia/NZ or South America might get lucky...such a pity that some very beautiful stamps in Macedonia are issued in useless values.

Date of issue:         08.06.2010
Size:                      30,2 x40,2  mm
perforations:          comb, 14x14
Printing technique: offset

the stamp comes in a set of two, where the other one commemorates the 200 years since Schumann's birth....ive seen other postal services having issued these two along as well....

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  1. 2 comments on that post:

    I am wondering why the name Chopin is written Schopin - that is how it is pronounced in my language - in yours too?

    Second, I am with you on the comment about useless values. We have that here so much, too. For example there are tons of stamps with 90c value, but thats a value you do not really need...