Sunday, October 16, 2011

Admission to the United Nations, Mongolia

So this week's theme at Sunday Stamps is Mainland I guess this fits in the criterion?

I really wasnt sure what to post, and in order to spare you from more trains,  I went for this set of 5 Mongolian stamps issued in 1962 which commemorate Mongolia's admission to UN.
The stamps are diamond shape and their face value is 10, 30, 50, 60 and 70 мөнгө, where the middle bottom stamps represents the UN Headquarters and the Great National Hural of the Mongolian Peoples Republic.

Mongolia became a member of the United Nations on 27 October 1961.

Being rather old and from a country as Mongolia, I consider these as rather rare which I have to thank my dear mum :)

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Happy Sunday All!


  1. Mongolia seems to like stamps of this shape. I have at least five other but posted more traditional shapes this time.

  2. Lovely shapes and very colourful. Very nice set to have in your collection.

  3. The style reminds me of food labels.

  4. I think of Mongolia as very rare and very remote, so they are wonderful stamps. Special thanks to your mother. :)