Sunday, May 20, 2018

Art in Yugoslavia throughout the centuries, Yugoslavia

Well hello everyone!

After some breath of fresh air last week, here we are back to my standard ramblings and modest collections, sorry :D But at least now I have someone to chip in for the times I feel lazy, out of ideas/stamps, or to simply make it more fun and versatile.

Today it is the letter N that is on the menu, and for that occasion I have chosen this set of 6 stamps of beautiful paintings of Nudes, coming from a number of different artists from the former Yugoslavia.

This set was issued on 28 November 1969 and shows reproductions of the works of some of the Yugoslav artists from the XIX / XX century.

The top row of stamps starts with one by Nikola Martinovski (August 18, 1903 – February 7, 1973) who is considered the founder of the Contemporary Macedonian art and here is presented with his painting called Young Gypsy with a Rose.

The middle stamp shows a painting by Sava Šumanović (22 January 1896–30 August 1942),born in nowadays Croatia here, with his painting The girl in the Red Armchair. (1932-1934). He had
managed to develop his own, rather original artistic expression, which he simply called "the way I know and can." Due to innovations and unique style, Šumanović can be described as one of the most prominent Yugoslav painters of the twentieth century as well as a major painter from the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

The last stamp in this row shows a painting by Marino Tartaglia (3 August 1894 – 21 April 1984) who was a Croatian painter and art teacher, for many years a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and had also received the Vladimir Nazor Award for lifetime achievement in the arts in 1964.
His painting on the stamp is titled Combing and dates from the year of 1924.

The bottom row starts with the painting Nude Olynpia by Miroslav Kraljević (1885–1913) who was a Croatian painter, printmaker and sculptor, and was one of the founders of modern art in Croatia. He had died at a very young age from tuberculosis unfortunately - he was only 27.

The middle stamp shows the painting Bathing Girl by Jovan Bijelić (30 June 1884 or 19 June 1886 - 12 March 1964) who was a Bosnian-Herzegovian and Serbian painter, and one of the most important Yugoslav visual artists between the world wars. He is also one of the most important representatives of color expressionism.

The last stamp in this series is a painting by Matej Šternen (20 September 1870 – 28 June 1949) who was a leading Slovene Impressionist painter and here is represented with his work from 1914, called Woman on a Sofa.

I do appreciate all types of art, though I cannot say I am a huge fan of this kind. However what I admire about it is the courage of these women posing showing their perfectly imperfect bodies (presumably they were actually posing and these paintings have not been done based on the artists' imagination). It is just really compelling!

So thank you for your attention today and now go over to today's Sunday Stamps edition for the rest of the N-entries :)


  1. A most unexpected theme today. Thanks for sharing these stamps. For sure I would not be posing nude :)

  2. Interesting mix of styles. Hope the artist studios had heating:)

  3. I guess there aren't a lot of stamps depicting nudes. But surely we can find more of these in past issues that nowadays. I'ma ashamed to say that all these painters and paintings were unknown to me!

  4. An interesting set. I can't find any nudes in my collection. Guess they have to be statues or paintings.

  5. Well, I did not expect to see these!!