Sunday, May 15, 2016

Flora, Macedonia

If there is something I don't lack when it comes to stamps, that is definitely flowers. But then another dilemma came up and that was, which ones to actually choose for today's Sunday Stamps edition.
In the end I decided to go with this set of Macedonian maxi-cards, mainly cos I knew I wouldn't be overlapping with someone else's post ;-)

Actually maxi-cards are not so commonly issued by the Macedonian post and I can consider myself lucky to even have these in the first place. (I don't think these are even available any longer)
This set of flora stamps was issued on 25 September 2003 and consists of four stamps, where you can see two of them above and two below.
The above stamps show the 'Cochicum macedonicum Kosanin' (on the left),  and the 'Viola allchariensis' (g. Beck) on the right

The other two stamps show 'Tulipa mariannae Lindther' (left), and Thymus oehmianus Ronniger & Soska (right).

I am terrible when it comes to plants and flowers and all, so the most I can do is just show the stamps, but I am far from being up to any discussions or analysis when it comes to them.

For more floral beauties, check out today's episode of Sunday Stamps.


  1. I love those, and also the postmarks. Spanish postal service doesn't issue maxicards often (actually, I don't remember the last time they did).

    I wonder why the first stamp isn't drawn exactly the same as the postcards...

    1. the Macedonian postal service has been amusing me with most of its choices over the years, and this one ain't an exemption :)

  2. Beautiful maxi cards. I wonder if stamps are the most common subject on stamps?

    1. thanks! I guess this should read if 'flowers are the most common subject on stamps' and if not the most common then definitely one of the most common subjects :)

    2. Oops, yes, flowers, not stamps :)