Sunday, May 22, 2016

Butterflies, Spain

My initial thought of 'i have so many butterflies' stamps' in the end proved terribly wrong but luckily I did find a few things for today's edition of Sunday's Post and eventually the choice fell on this Spanish FDC issued on 1st of April 2010.

I love butterflies! They are just so delicate and beautiful and sometimes with such vibrant and amazing colours....and it when I was a child it was such a challenge to be able to catch one for a few seconds and let it crawl over your hands while you admire its beauty

On this Spanish FDC you can see two different kinds of butterflies, namely the Euphydryas aurinia /The marsh fritillary which is widespread in the Palaearctic region from Ireland in the West to Yakutia in the East, and to North-west China and Mongolia in the South.(the top one on the big image on the FDC and the one on the right stamp), and the Zerynthia rumina / the Spanish Festoon which is a widespread species in Spain and frequents most habitats. (the one at the bottom on the big image and the one on the left stamp).

Btw, I love the Spanish word 'mariposa' compared to the German one for example, 'Schmetterling' - there is just nothing gentle about it :D.

Wanna see more beauties like this? Well just check out today's episode of Sunday Stamps :)


  1. I recognised the fritillary but not the other one - fine stamps on a topic I covered in A-Z Challenge last year,

  2. I like the name "Spanish Festoon" for some reason.

  3. The FDC flows (or should I say flutters) together beautifully, an interesting cancel.

  4. Beautiful FDC, thanks for sharing.

  5. I remember well these, I sent it many times.
    My favourite word for butterfly is in Portuguese: "Borboleta" :)

    1. I think you have sent them to me, too, but the strange thing is that at this moment I only remember the other serie, of butterflies seen from aside (as I wrote in my comment below)!... I should search better in my (unorganized...) collection!

  6. Oh your words bring back memories! Oh yes, how we admired butterflies as a child (and how we hoped to function as a landing strip for them, in my case always in vain :-) ).

    In present daily life I forget about butterflies, but every now and then when I look up and see one flutterin - so nice to see this delicate beauty!

    Beautiful stamps - and I didn't know these! THank you for sharing!
    I know an other Spanish serie, which shows butterflies from aside, I posted one of them today.