Thursday, March 3, 2016

Year of the Monkey, USA

Today I found this monkey hiding in my mailbox...seems it had run away from its US hosts and decided to seek for a shelter in Macedonia....maybe it was too cold in Seattle, I don't know...and you know how I feel for animals, so of course, had no heart to send it back where it came from and decided to keep it.... =)

I do not really collect the Lunar stamp issues...but some countries do have some awesome ones (Serbia for example...), and frankly, I am particularly glad to have this one, since I am a monkey actually :D
Well, that's what the Lunar horoscope says...if you take a look at the traits though I can't say I really fit into that description...just partially...but I won't reveal which of those features are typical for shouldn't get to know my weaknesses so easily... :P

People born in the year of a particular animal sign are said to share characteristics with that animal. Individuals born during the Year of the Monkey are said to be clever, wise, and honest. With their keen intellect and sociability, they can easily adapt to new situations.

this last statement couldn't have been more wrong...if there is one word that is NOT used in the same sentence with me, that is may find it hard to believe it, but Im quite anti-social...I seriously dread social gatherings and events....and funny thing, being also a Leo, I should be like the Queen of social events and the centre of attention and blah blah....but I am like the total opposite don't trust your best to really get to know people instead :)

Date of Issue: 05 February 2016
It is a Forever stamp.

And thanks a bunch to Bryon for this new pet in my home :)))

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