Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter, Poland

Hello Sunday Stampers, and everyone else...and Happy Easter to all you celebrating it this weekend (here Easter will be at the end of April)

For today's Spring/Easter theme, I've chosen this FDC from Poland with one of the three Easter stamps that were issued in 2012 (the other two come with a face value of 1.55 and 1.95 Zł.

Personally I prefer such cute Easter bunny stamps to the religious ones.
As for this issue, surprisingly, I couldn't really find some additional information...

For more spring/Easter motives, visit today's edition of Sunday Stamps.


  1. I don't celebrate Easter, but love the stamps.

  2. Wonderful stamp. Happy (western Catholic) Easter.

  3. Beautiful stamp, great envelope and I love the postmark!

  4. That really captures spring and how from a few flowers and buds everything suddenly explodes into colour.

  5. Love how the stamp finishes off the postmark! What a fun FDC.
    I also prefer the eggs and bunny designs of Easter stamps and cards.