Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vintage Circus Posters, USA

Time for Sunday Stamps...ok, still Saturday here, but since the host's post is up already, and I just have been sort of on alert as well, why not use the time wisely...and get back to work's not like 20-30 minutes are gonna change much either way..

Anyways, I was aware that this issue will be posted by someone else, and Viridian did post 4 of these stamps...but having received this cover this week...and being such a beautiful one, I just couldnt resist and told myself that no matter what, I'll go with this one..this shouldn't go in least, the chances of someone posting the whole set ON a cover, shouldn't be that we'll see :)

from the accompanying letter :)

"Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, welcome to The Greatest Show On Earth!" The Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey ringmaster''s famous words welcomed crowds to the circus, an extraordinary place brimming with irresistible attractions.
Posters gave audiences a taste of what awaited under the big top - an astounding magical spectacle. Like the circuses they touted, the posters were big and bold. A "sheet" was 42x28 inches, and stunning imagery often sprawled across dozens of them at a time. Sometimes, massive arrays of posters covered entire sides of buildings.
These eye-popping early 20th century posters showcased majestic elephants, fierce tigets, and colorful clowns, alongside acts such as acrobatic gymnasts, graceful wire dancers and daring stuntman.

Whether in small towns or large cities, the circus brought together folks of all ages and walks of life, to share its magic and to let imaginations soar like aerialists above their daily routines and cares.
Joyful posters beckoned the masses toward the grand show, thus proving P.T. Barnum right: "The noblest art is that of making others happy"

Speaking of circuses...when I was a child, I was overjoyed when one would come in town...eventually it was not so fun...esp. after realizing what may be happening to those animals behind the scenes...however, I would probably still enjoy a cool acrobats' show.

for more circus fun, click this big button...and have a great Sunday!

And a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to Bryon for being a partner in crime in my Sunday Stamps adventures :P


  1. My post is about those stamps too.

  2. Such a beautiful cover! I haven't seen a circus in a very long time though they do sometimes visit this area so I do see some of the posters.

  3. Nice to see the full set, I love advertising posters from that era. Yes they still plaster their posters everywhere today when they come to town but thankfully there are no performing animals.

  4. These are beutiful stamps and a reminder of what a thrill the circus was in the old days.

  5. Wonderful stamps. I never went to a circus but they used to be on tv every Christmas.

  6. You are really lucky to have received all the stamps on a cover. That made me jealous!

  7. A really beautiful cover. It was interesting to see them all. I have only every been to a circus once.

  8. How nice to see the complete serie!