Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some sort of an intro....

Well, finally, after so much wondering, thinking, negotiating...I decided to create a new blog dedicated to philately no postcards :)

What made me make this decision......well, for a long while now I've been looking at all the letters I had received throughout the years and which have such great stamps on them, but which I realized, would never get to see the light of day, and that sort of made me sad...coz there are some extraordinary ones there, I decided to create another blog where I would show only covers, stamps, FDC's, mini/souvenir sheets and tell small stories that are behind them, but i PROMISE i wont go into useless ramblings as I do with my Postcards' blog....I will save those for my Postcards' Blog still :D
I have already posted there some covers when postcards came inside an envelope...I will still re-post those here, since some of them are just way too beautiful and are worth to be shown.

Im not sure how often I will be able to make updates here but it certainly wont be more than one cover a whenever I have the chance I will pick something from my collection or something I will receive, and will post it here. So will just take it spontaneously, with no pressures imposed or anything....the main point is to enjoy it, right? :)))

On the right side of the blog you can actually see a list of the themes im interested in...I know that like every other philatelist, I should narrow it down, but I just cant...there are such wonderful issues out there and so many things im interested in in real life and which fascinate me, that it is just impossible to take something out.
So, from now on instead of postcards, you can also send me covers and mint stamps and such...however, you may still want to check with me first if I already have something or no....

I will also create a box for Wanted Stamps, where you can see what I am in a hunt for, and in case you can help me with it, I would be more than thankful and delighted :)

I will make my first post here as soon as possible....but in the meantime, I will leave it open for suggestions and ideas and critics....

the template was the best one I could have found which fitted the purpose of  the blog...Im not too happy with so much purple, but Ill live with it...I guess that ones I start posting all those covers, it will become more vibrant and colourful :)

well....that would be it....thanks a lot in advance for the attention you may give to this place in the future, and as always, your contribution in any way is more than welcome.

If you are interested in Macedonian stamps, just let me know and I will check what can be found....however, please note that the EUROPA stamps are almost equally to non-existent, but Ill leave that story for some other time :)

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