Sunday, February 21, 2010

470th Anniversary of Preveze Naval War and Naval Forces Day, Turkey

I wish I had envelopes like this from many other far i have them only from Turkey and Russia.

And the great envelope is accompanied with a great stamp too, from an issue of two stamps from 2008, in order, as the title says, to commemorate the 470 years of the Preveze Naval War. The stamp presents the design of the first national warship, a Milgem class corvette, F-511 TCG, The Heybeliada.


  1. Bigger scans of the stamp, please! And when is Turkey going to stop calling them "new" kuruş? 80 (heck, 80 million) of the old kuruş wouldn't buy you a stick of gum.

  2. i cant get any bigger scans....unless i omit the cover as a whole and focus on the stamp only...but that somehow loses the purpose of the ideas i have in mind...i can always mail you bigger scans focused on the stamps though..just let me know

    and what a gut feeling :P