Sunday, September 2, 2018

Coral Reefs, USA

Well we are already into our third week of the new A-Z round, and it is time for some C's today

And my C today is dedicated to these Coral Reefs issued by the USPS on 26th August 1980.
Four different beautiful Coral Reefs are featured, starting with the Grooved Brain Coral, or the Diploria labyrinthiformi, that can be found in the western Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Se. It has a very interesting maze-like appearance.
Next is the Elkhorn Coral, or the Acropora palmata, a prominent Caribbean reef-building coral, whose structure resembles that of elk antler.
The bottom stamps show the Chalice Coral (Echinophyllia aspera), it is a species of large polyp stony corals. It is a colonial coral which is partly encrusting and partly forms laminate plates or tiers. It is native to the western and central Indo-Pacific.
The last stamp is dedicated to the Finger Coral, or Porites compressa, which can be found growing on coral reefs and in shallow lagoons in tropical parts of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.  

It may not be seen very clearly on the scan, but this cover with Coral Reefs stamps also comes in with a very appropriate cancellation from the Coral Gables Branch in Florida. (all thanks to Bryon and his cool postal experiments :)))

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ps. there is also the very cute dolphin stamp which nicely contributes to the marine life theme on the cover :))


  1. Those stamps are lovely - and I've never seen them before.

  2. Me neither, I haven't seen any of these stamp (except the dolphin). Very cool cover!

  3. I like the descriptive nature of their names. Nice underwater stamps.

  4. also never seen these, beautiful! its kinda funny we have a similar subject but of a different c-word :)

  5. These stamps are so delightful! I don't think I've ever received any of these, given that I'm getting mail from the US for the past 9 years. I'm envious!

  6. It seems you have some rare editions of coral stamps!
    There is also a yellow fish that swims through each one.

  7. Love the shapes and colors the undersea works gives us! Nice to see this postal experiment succeeded! They sometimes don’t.

  8. Beautiful stamps - coral stamps are always a treat to see.