Sunday, April 8, 2018

Horoscope, Bosnia and Herzegovina

After a lovey half-day trip out in the nature, back home to spend a cozy evening and do my contribution for today's Sunday stamps... and before I get down to the stamps, just wanted to show you these pictures from today's trip, in case you need an idea for your next travel destination ;)

(you can read a bit more here: Kozjak Lake)

and now to why you are actually here, and that is stamps.
Now even though I am one of those people who do not believe in horoscopes, I find it that sometimes stamps related to astrology are quite nice actually, just like this fantastic issue from BiH, which I decided to share with you today, issued on 26th January 2004, in a set of, well of course, 12 stamps.

Regarding my relationship to astrology... it has not always been that way. In fact, when I was little I was actually hooked on it, to an extent probably not considered healthy for a 12 year old, but I guess I got that from my aunt, since I spent a lot of time back then with her and my grandparents and she was all into these chakras and third eyes and all those astral and paranormal stuff, while I was regularly buying and reading astrology related magazines. Looking back at it, not a wise way to spend money, but I can find something of this kind about each period of my life... cos of course at the time being, it doesn't look unwise at all :))

So according to these stamps, my element is FIRE and my planet is The SUN (well I do enjoy sitting outside in the sunshine, when it is not too hot, preferably in silence).
Body area: spine, back, heart (ok, if this means that I would be suffering from back pains, then I give you credit for this one).
Colors: gold, orchard (if there is something I absolutely dislike, are things made of gold)
And it says I am: assertive, confident, social, expressive, leader, courageous, competitive, creative, emotional, adventurous, determined, dedicated, energetic, preserving and adaptable (that is 5 out of 15 right :D)
And the negative stuff: arrogant, egotistical, bossy, temperamental, very jealous and possessive, extravagant and insensitive (I don't dare be judgmental on this one, I'll let others do their assessment :P)

Anyways, reading a horoscope can always be fun at least and have a good joke coming out of it. Do you believe in horoscopes? Do you find it true what is said about you?

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  1. A stunning set of stamps, thanks for sharing them, as well as your personal connection to horoscopes.

  2. Amazing! I am jealous (as my horoscope implies ;)) am still into horoscope a little bit *khm khm* in the sense of reading the natal charts.

  3. Herzegovina fits in well with horoscope and these superb stamps.

  4. I don't believe in horoscopes, and I usually dislike all those "paranormal stuff". But I have received some stamps dedicated to horoscopes with appealing designs, too.

  5. Astrology signs always seem to be inspirational to graphic designers, an attractive set. Looks a beautifully sunny day for a day out in the hills. After an unusually cold March there is still snow lingering on ours.

  6. I always read the yearly horoscopes, and almost always disagree with most of it!
    Oh my gosh, what a magnificent view for your hike!!