Sunday, February 4, 2018

The 75th Anniversary of Belgrade Zoo, Serbia

Good Day Sunday Stampers and anyone else who might have just stumbled upon today's post. Today we are about to close the circle of the first A-Z edition, with a letter not so popular among word games, but one that would actually bring you a huuuge amount of points if you play 'scrabble' or 'words with friends' etc. Reminds me I should get back to some of those words' games and give my brain cells some additional exercise...

Anyways, I had a few ideas in mind for today's Z, and none of them actually related to Zimbabwe, or Zambia, or Zanzibar (isn't it strange though how all these Z places are situated in Africa?)

So instead of countries, here I have a post with two FDCs issued on 12 July 2011, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Belgrade Zoo.

The Belgrade Zoo originated in 1936 and was founded by Mr. Vlada Ilić, industrialist and mayor of that time. The plans for the zoological garden were drawn up by the engineer Aleksandar Krstić, creator of many buildings and parks in Belgrade those days, who was also the first acting director of the Belgrade Zoo.
At the beginning, the Garden occupied a surface of a little bit more than three and a half hectares while today, after several transformations, it lies on the surface of seven hectares which are located on one part of the Belgrade Fortress, on Kalemegdan, the biggest and most beautiful park in Belgrade (Havent seen all the parks in Belgrade but I do agree this one is beautiful). All the facilities dedicated to the animals are newly built or fully renovated. The garden owns numerous animal species, of more than 2000 animals from 270 different animal species. In addition to many exotic flowers and other vegetation, the Garden also consists of some rare tree species like the Empress tree, Gingko biloba, Picea omorika, Sequoia, etc.
Along with a large number of institutions worldwide, the Belgrade Zoo Garden participates in the programmes for protection and reproduction of endangered animal species. Among many others, some really rare animals are being born and cared for in the Zoo. Some of them are represented on the stamps of this issue, like the Bengal Tiger, the Egyptian Vulture, the Bennett's wallaby, and the White Lion). Here should also be mentioned the Palm Cockatoo, the Griffon Vulture, the Goffin's Cockatoo, the Black Leopard etc.
Nowadays, the Belgrade Zoo represents a real oasis of beauty in the middle of the capital, a respected and modern institution of which this country can be proud and which worthily represents the city and the country across the world. Therefore you should listen to their slogan: "Escape from the city to the centre of the city. Escape for at least a while, from the everyday worries and problems, and spend with us an unforgettable day"  

I have had the chance to visit this place, and I know that many people would say, a Zoo is a Zoo, what can be so different about this one, but I do believe it is worth it to pay a visit. And the ticket price for such a place fairly cheap, around 4 euros. It is funny when I hear some people complaining it is expensive....

That would be all for today. For more Zzzzzzz stuff, visit today's edition of Sunday Stamps.


  1. A zoo is a zoo, yes. But the stamps are beautiful anyway. All that white is whimsical...

  2. So unusual to have so many animals without pigment. I'd love to see the white peacock.

  3. Beautiful stamps, and I love the logo which is on the postmark, too (was it by Michelangelo or by Da Vinci? :-) )

  4. Two great FDCs. The animals are the stars just perfect to bring the curtain down on this A-Z. Unfortunately not all zoos are a inexpensive as Belgrade.