Thursday, February 11, 2016

Eurovision Song Contest, Norway

well, since the day kinda calls for it, let's commemorate it with something Norwegian over here as well..
for those being 'what the heck is she talking about'....well just somehow 'celebrating' my one-year-lasting of learning Norwegian...probably seems like nonsense to be giving it this kind of attention, but those who know the spot Norway has in my heart, will understand it :)

I've already rambled more than enough about it at my Geiranger post here, so I won't be bothering you with an additional episode of the "Ana is learning Norwegian" series, just showcase this beautiful Norwegian FDC!

Issued in 2010 on May 18th, to commemorate the Eurovision Song Contest, that in 2010 was held in Oslo, since the previous year Alexander Rybak won, an the fun fact here is that he is considered the highest-scoring winner, with a total of 387 points!

Now, I am not a Eurovision fan (used to be when I was a kid, and just occasionally watched it with friends later...but in the last ten years I am totally totally out of it).
However I sometimes stumble across some of those Eurovision songs and I do like some...and that's what happened with Alexander Rybak...I immediately liked it! (and yeah, Rybak is super cute too, so maybe that kinda influenced my judgement on the song too, who knows :P)

You can see Rybak on the third stamp...and on the other three you can also see other Norwegian contestants that had been winners (or have become memorable cos of something else....though personally I am clueless about them all, even though they had been winners during the years I followed Eurovision).
On the first stamp are Bobbysocks (won in 1985); second stamp - Secret Garden (won in 1995), fourth stamp shows Jahn Teigen - has represented Norway four times and had become famous for scoring zero, yes ZERO points when he took part in 1978...poor guy!

in the end, lets see what's all that Rybak fuss about :)) come on, he is just adorable!


  1. Why are you learning Norwegian?

    1. I love Norway, even though I've never been there, but it is like on the top place on the list of places I'd love to visit...I have some kind of inexplicable fascination with Scandinavian countries in general (and also for example, Siberia, or Alaska)...I'm just immensely attracted to places like that - cold, with amazing nature :) But Norway tops them just makes my heart beat in a different way (my earliest fascination with the country dates back to 1990 when A-ha became like my first favourite band ever, though then I was absolutely unaware about this Norwegian obsession that would come later in life =))

    2. I think we share the fascination. I've been in Sweden, Estonia and Helsinki (in this city, just three days). My dreamed trip is Alaska.
      The fact is that Norway was somehow "out of my mind", and since I started reading the series of books "My Struggle", by Karl Ove Knausgård... I find Norway everywhere! Do you know these books/this author? I've got completely hooked!
      If one day I go to Norway, I'll send you a postcard :)

  2. Ohh, that is so kind of you! Thank you so much Eva!

    I havent heard about that series but now I will definitely look for it at the library..currently I am actually reading "Closed for Winter" by Jørn Lier is not bad...but if you haven't read "The Half Brother" by Lars Saabye Christensen, I highly recommend it! I loved that one!!

  3. I have looked for "The Half Brother". I guess I'm going to read it as well, thanks for your recommendation! Knausgård is quite special...

    And, as I told you, I find Norway everywhere. I started yesterday to see a miniseries called "The Heavy Water War". I don't know if that could interest you. It's historical, about WWII. But the Norway landscapes are stunning...

  4. I checked it out now, and it definitely seems it is in Norwegian, so I'm definitely gonna watch it! Thank you for pointing it out! :D

    Btw, the Half Brother also comes in the form of a mini series, but I definitely definitely recommend the book more than the series :)