Sunday, August 10, 2014

Marine Life, Norway

Hello Sunday stampers...and everyone else!! Today was another one of those days when I thought I'd have to miss the Sunday Stamps' post due to lack of relevant material..but then as it often goes...I accidentally stumble across something that would fit in here we go! And I am sort of shocked to realize that these are the first EVER Norwegian stamps on this blog...

So here are three stamps of the Marine Life set issued in 2004.

The first stamp here shows the a Little Cuttlefish (or as its Latin name goes, Sepiola Atlantica), which is a species of bobtail squid found in the North East Atlantic Ocean from Iceland, the Faröes and western Norway to the Moroccan coast. (I copied this explanation from one of Bob's earlier posts, since he had this stamp featured too)

The stamp in the middle shows a Coronate Medusa (Periphylla periphylla), also known as helmet/crown jellyfish, represents an exception, very rarely found in the phylum Cnidaria: the medusae go through no polyp stage, thus presenting a "holopelagic" life cycle. The medusae strew fertilized eggs in open water and these develop directly into medusae, whose development rests entirely upon the egg's high yolk supply. The ephyra stage common among other jellyfish is not to be observed in P. periphylla.

The last stamp shows a Catfish (Anarichas lupus), which is a marine fish, the largest of the Anarhichadidae family. Apart from their unique appearance these are distinguished by the natural antifreeze they produce to keep their blood moving fluidly in their very cold habitat, involvement by both the male and female in brood bearing, and the large size of their eggs.

Well, Im far from an expert on the topic, so I just rely on what google has provided...I hope it hasn't let me down :)

for more underwater beauties, click on the button below...and enjoy your Sunday :)


  1. Good to see 'my' cuttlefish again. It was the first one I thought of. I hadn't seen the other two Norwegian stamps.

  2. That catfish looks a little scary. Thanks for joining in this week.

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  4. These are all types of undersea life that I'd prefer not to meet, though they make wonderful stamps.

  5. Beautiful stamps! I am not sure if that catfish looks scary or grumpy!

  6. Hi Ana,
    Glad to visit again your site just in time for a new Sunday stamps post. I usually collect animal-themed stamps, so this post of yours is very interesting for me to read. I don’t think Wiki let you down on the descriptions of these animals, as I usually check Wiki as well for more information. The catfish looks more like an alien to me, scary, haha..
    I cross-checked the stamps you shared at an online stamp catalogue I always go to, and found these three issued in 2004, January 2. It is entitled Marine Life in Norway.

  7. ona ribica desno je malo freaky :)