Sunday, May 18, 2014

The 75th Anniversary of Superman, Canada

In today's Sunday Stamps post, I'd like to ask you all a small favour. I usually don't do this, but sometimes life situations call for it and right now, all help is more than welcome...not to me, but to the people in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who have been struck with one of the worst flooding disasters in more than a century. The images from there are heartbreaking. And right now these two countries need all the help they could get. The current situation is terrible, but its consequences are gonna be a real struggle as well.
I know that not everyone is able to donate money or goods, but sharing the news and making others aware about the actual situation is of great help as well and would mean a lot to me.
In the following Facebook links you can read more about it, follow the situation and see how you can donate if you want to.

We may not be superheroes like Superman. Superman tried to save the world and help the people in need. But people can be superheroes in their own special way and help the ones in need!

And I have these two Superman covers, one containing the stamps, the other one the mini-sheet. Sent by one of my mailbox superheroes! And they just came in appropriate for today.

The stamps were issued to commemorate the 75th Superman of my favourite childhood characters - with Christopher Reeve being my favourite Superman of all times! (never really read the comic books I must admit)

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  1. I'm not on facebook, so I'm glad you also mentioned an other link. The pictures on the other website show a bad, heartbreaking horrible situation. We must do what we can, thank you for attracting our attention (in my country the daily news payed only a very little bit attention to the flood I see, as I hardly watch tv I missed it until now).

    Thank you for sharing the Superman stamps, they're funny (and I love cartoons/comics on stamps).

  2. I heard about the flooding on the radio news, but hadn't seen any images - until now. Devastating.

    as for your stamps - you are fortunate! I went to get some, but the post office had stopped issuing when they decided to have a massive price increase. maybe they are available again.

  3. nice connection between the stamps and real life...our thoughts are with our neighbours

  4. I like this Superman stamps. I have received some of them, but not on the same envelope.

    Thanks also for sharing these links.

  5. The flooding is getting coverage on UK TV.
    Superhero on super stamps - well done Canada.

  6. I hadn't heard about the flooding. California wildfires are getting a lot of news coverage here.

  7. USA is not covering this story at all - Or very little.
    thank you for joining us this week.

  8. I read the news about the flooding in Serbia and Bosnia and my prayers are with them. Philippines were in that exactly situation few months back and were still trying to get back on our feet one day at a time.
    How I wish Superman just fly in and save them. :)

    Willa @ Postage Journal

  9. I saw the news the other day, what devastation the floods have caused. It is always a wonderful thing to see the ordinary superhero rescuing people but it takes so long in the aftermath to recover. The links are useful because I haven't heard a general call for donations here.

  10. I saw the news about the flooding. It's such a tragedy.

    Your two covers are wonderful!

  11. Thanks so much Ana for raising the awareness of the flooding and providing the donation links as well. Actually on our US west coast I saw quite a bit of media coverage, at least three stories on CNN and NPR (National Public Radio) had a feature on it as well. I am thankful the waters are receding but there are a lot of displaced people now who need help. Thanks again!

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    Whether you play the lotto or do something else entirely, please do what you can to support the victims of flooding in these difficult times. Thank you!