Monday, January 20, 2014


Gosh, I can not believe how silly I am sometimes...all day long ive been just doing stuff around and with this notion in my head that I dont really have some nice pet stamps to show for today...what an idiot! At quarter to midnight, while browsing thru some stuff in my stamps' folders, I was proven so wrong! Cos I have actually a BUNCH of stamps related to pets! aaarghh! And you know that feeling when you hurriedly are trying to find where they are, then trying to scan them...and you feel like you arms and hands are shivering cos you have no idea if you're gonna be in time (i really do not know at what time does that linky tool expire, and beyond which point i am no longer able to post a link?! Anyways, I hope im gonna make it, cos I really wanted to show you these adorable kitties...and from what Ive checked, no one else has posted them today, so a reason more to be all anxious to make it!

here, I have this booklet with four cats issued by the Finnish post on May 4, 2006. What I do not like about them is that they are self-adhesive (im a bit old-fashioned when it comes to stamps), but they certainly look nice in this booklet..I love the paw prints! :)

the other ones come from Germany... i have both the mint stamps and the FDC...these were issued on 3 June 2004, and portray both cats and kittens...and if im not mistaken, these stamps are issued for those young people interested in philately...well, if i was a kid, these would surely grab my attention :)

I am both a cat and a dog person...just adore them...esp  I have fondness for stray dogs and often wish i could adopt them all...anyways, for today I decided to stick with cats...cos with the lack of time im having for this post, i really couldnt afford to spend more time on thinking what to post :)

for some more adorable creatures, click below


  1. Don't worry about the deadline - it is Midnight Sunday USA time (or Monday morning if I am not around on Sunday night!) So maybe 6 Am Monday where you are!
    I love cats, and I love cats and kittens. that German set is wonderful.
    thank you for joining in.

  2. I'm not a cat lover but I'm blown away by these. What an envelope to have.

  3. Oh I think the German stamps are the most beautiful cat stamps I have seen! Fantastic cover.

  4. I don't like self-adhesive either but I'll make an exception for Finland's Posti who regularly issue some attractive stamp booklets like your cat one and those paw prints.

  5. What an original selection! I like the odd-shaped stamps.
    I share your opinion about self-adhesive stamps, but I recognize they are useful when it comes to send a lot of postcards!

  6. i just loooooove the kitten stamps <3 not the usual theme for german post its a splendid surprise..!

  7. They are absolutely gorgeous! I've often wondered how people collect stamps nowadays when almost all of them are self-adhesive.