Sunday, February 17, 2013

Year of the Tiger, Serbia

morning/afternoon/evening to all! Here comes another "issue" of the Sunday Stamps post. The theme being Lunar Year and Chinese stamps, I was not quite sure what to post...not that I do not have Chinese stamps...have a lot of those, but was somewhat indecisive...and then I realized I have this lovely FDC my dear Ana sent me some time ago, and it fits perfect into today's subject...I know it is the Year of the Snake now, but I must tell you that Im not really a snake lover...ok, im not at ALL a snake lover, I shudder at the thought of a snake, though the stamps Ive seen issued on the subject are really fascinating :) However, ill still go with the tigers this time :)

I must say that the Serbian postal service is issuing really fantastic stamps, and the Lunar Horoscope ones are not an exception....on the other hand, the Macedonian postal service has not yet issued anything related to this subject, EVER =/ Speaking of that, the philately lady should be back to work the following week, at a different post office though....the one that has undergone the fire is still far from offering normal working conditions...but well, I hope id be able to get some new stamps coz ive been really struggling with it..

bit off-topic..recently I watched "The Life of Pi" - a really nice movie...and if you've seen it, you are familiar with Richard Parker, the tiger appearing in the movie (whether he was a real character or part of Pi's imagination, that is for another discussion). Anyways, Richard Parker in soooooo many ways reminded me of my cat Foxy ...I know it may be crazy, but that look in his eyes, the way he was yawning, or stretching out his paws to if I have a miniature version of him at since then, Ive started calling my cat Richard Parker too...they are both just adorable :)  Off to give him a pet :)  And you can see what others have picked for today...just click on the button below


  1. Your cat does look scary. I was really worried when I clicked on your linky link and got his picture and didn't know why. (I found your post by looking for your blog's link on a previous week.

    1. thanks for pointing it out! I have no idea why that link ended up in the linky tools =/ have no idea how to edit those, so i posted the proper one...I hope :) sorry for worrying you :)

  2. I wish Austria would issue Chinese new year stamps as well...

  3. Ferocious tiger! While generally tigers are calm and cautious, when provoked they are powerful and strong. I guess I have a bit of that and then some ;) I've not seen the Life of Pi but have read the book.

  4. What a great cover! Lovely stamps, & I definitely also prefer tigers to snakes- but that is only because I am much less likely to inadvertantly step on an angry tiger! :)

  5. The 50 stamps is something special. The UK doesn't do Chinese New Year stamps either; more's the pity.

    I missed the linky list this week but you can see mine at

  6. A nicely scary tiger on the cover, I like the stamp designs, especially the yellow one. Glad your lady is making a return.

  7. II love the stamps and cover but the cat is adorable too. Is it yours? I haven't seen the Life of Pi but I read the book a long time ago. I can't imagine how they translated it onto the screen, so I really must try to see it some time.