Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adopt a Shelter Pet, USA

the moment I read Viridian's theme for this Sunday, I knew what I was going to post! And here it is! Or better say, here they are :)
the theme this week is related to cats, dogs and other pets....and for that, i have this amazing set of 10 FDCs issued by the USPS on April 30 2010, hoping to raise awareness of the need to adopt shelter pets. And I absolutely support that! You dont need to pay money to get a cat or a doesnt have to be some pure-bred puppy or a Siamese cat...a shelter animal is capable to love you just equally, or even more coz you;ve rescued them from the miserable conditions they live in or even death...I dont know how it is in other places, but here, the cats and dogs' shelter is one of the most notorious places where they treat animals far from nice, and most often they euthanize them eventually if no one picks them up...or they dont even wait for someone to pick them is really really sad, so if anyone wants a pet to keep him/her company, please check for a shelter pet will really find yourself a great buddy..
Both my cats are stray cats and I wouldnt for the world change them for some other 'famous' breed with a pedigree

The pets depicted on the stamps were photographed by Sally Andersen-Bruce near her home in New Milford, Connecticut. All had been homeless at one time; all but one had been adopted when they were photographed.

the set consists of 5 cat and 5 dog stamps...for some i have info, for some I dont...this one here shows a cute yellow/orange cat, or also known as a Classic red tabby cat...this one is just like my younger cat Foxy...I wonder if it is a mischevious as him :)

look at its is just telling you 'im so lonely, please take me home with you!'

the cat on this tamp is called Willow. It is a gray Maltese cat who was left in a box at the door of a shelter. That's how often stray cats are left...

this one would entertain you all day just has this 'throw me the ball, throw me the ball' look in the eyes :)

a pretty sad face...yet hopeful you're gonna pick it..the kind of cats that wouldnt do acrobatics to catch your attention, but just longs for a home with you...

this is Buddy, a golden retriever who was purchased from a pet shop, then given up due to health problems. Well, if they had given him up coz they simply couldnt afford to pay for the medical expenses, i guess it is ok, coz that way someone who could actually take care of him would take him. But if they gave him up just coz he wasnt perfect, now that;s gonna make me mad. Just some days ago, believe it or not, there was this story here how these parents had given up their child and placed it for adoption, just coz it had some health problems (related to the heart if I recall correctly). I just dont know what to say...

   dont you think this is the type of cat who'd curl around your feet in winter and will keep you warm?

this adorable fellow is Trevor, a yellow Labrador retriever found abandoned at a new home construction site

Peaches, a gray, white and tan shorthaired cat who was born under a porch and had to be trapped to be rescued.

and this happy adorable face is Teddy, a wire haired Jack Russell Terrier who was given up when she had puppies.

so if one day you feel like adding an extra furry member to your family...dont buy, adopt one!

and thanks a million to the good fairy for sending me this ;-))))

nowadays, many animals can be seen as I wonder what the others have come up with :)



  1. I did not know that there was a story behind the stamps! My Mom's dog is adopted from a family who could not keep her and we are so happy to have her!

  2. I have the set of dogs, but not the cats. This is a cause that my daughter supports - she lives in the USA and has had a number of Rescue dogs.

  3. I think in the Usa the shelters try to be as humane as possible and keep the animals in good condition. But yes they have limited space and do euthanize, which is a horrible shame.
    thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. How can one resist those faces!
    Lovely stamps.

  5. neat - the whole set. I wasn't sure how many there were. I have four of them (missing two of the cats. sigh.

  6. The whole set??? Lucky you! I have only seen the whole set one other time! Very good penning for a great cause!

  7. if only I could, I would love to adopt all of them,who could say no to their cuteness?
    My SundayStamp:Pets

  8. I had seen a couple of these, but not the full set, nice to know they now all have homes. They always feature the shelter pets in our local newspaper which helps them get adopted.

  9. Thanks for sharing the information about the stamps and promoting adoption! I wish the USPS still had these stamps available - they are among my favorite!