Sunday, March 4, 2012

Trams, Belgium

this week's theme at Viridian's is Streetcars, or any kind of public transport. As someone might guess, i was on the verge of posting something related to trains (again) but i do have these set of 3 tram stamps, so it would be the best occasion to use them now :)

So here we have the tram set from Belgium issued in 2008.

the first one shows De kustttram, or the Belgian coast tram, which is a public transport service connecting the cities and towns along the entire Belgian (West Flanders) coast, between De Panne near the French border and Knokke-Heist near the Dutch border. At 68 km in length, it is the longest tram line in the world, as well as one of the few interurban tramways in the world to remain in operation. The service makes 70 stops with a tram running every ten minutes during the peak summer months, during which it is used by over 3 million passengers.

the second, 0,90 stamp shows a tram operating in Brussels, whose system is one of the ten largest in the world, with 17 routes totalling 133.4 km.

the third, 0,80 stamp portrays the Charleroi Metro, which is a 25 km express tram network in Belgium, consisting of a horseshoe-shaped line around central Charleroi and two branches towards the suburbs of Gilly and Anderlues.

the technical details regarding the stamps:

- Date of Issue: 14 April
- Width:            40.2 mm
- Height:          27.66 mm
- Perforations: 11.5 by 11.5

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  1. It looks like the route of the coast tram is quite scenic.

  2. Nice set of stamps and it must be very nice to travel the coastal route. I've found that when I am in a city with trams, I have to be really careful where to walk and when.

  3. I like the artist's style in the design of these stamps. It makes you want to get on for a ride! Thank you for participating.

  4. This brought back memories of business trips to Brussels and Charleroi but unfortunately not by tram. This is a fine set of stamps.

  5. I like the colours in the Charleroi one, nice set of stamps. I'm going to Belgium in May (by train), after your information I may have to head to the coast to ride the tram.

  6. I must admit I've never heard of trams running anywhere but in a town before. It must make a lovely trip, they certainly have enough passengers.

  7. I was disappointed that I had no tram stamps for this weeks challenge. But now I want to come to Belgium and ride yours!