Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas, Dominica

Here is my participation for Viridian's Sunday Stamps today on the theme Christmas

Believe it or not the Macedonian post office is DUE to issue this next week...just egregious! I really dont know what they've been thinking..but in case you are getting a Christmas card from me this year, it's gonna be with oldish Christmas stamps...which according to me, are nothing special so don't expect some 'wows' - hoping that they won't get lost in the Christmas chaos in the first place :)
Also, our postal service issues just one single stamp each year (and it is never enough for postage), unlike many other countries ive seen which issue at least two....and often a whole set of 4 or 5 stamps.

Ok, back to the stamps above, for today I picked these issued by Dominica in 1981. The entire set consists of nine stamps actually so if anyone has the three Im missing, PLEASE contact me for an exchange. Actually, with all these rare countries issuing Disney-related stamps, I am always missing a few stamps in each set coz they never seem to be sold as a whole...I don't know why, but it is sort of frustrating :) There is also a s/s coming with this set, so I would need that one too :)

Anyways, these stamps are actually like an excerpt from the Santa's Workshop cartoon. Probably you have watched it time ago...if you haven't well, click on the link below....if you have, you can still click on the link and invoke memories :)

isn't this how most of the children actually imagine what Santa's doing? This even makes you WANT to believe in Santa! Esp. the part of the letters' reading...more or less this is what I thought had happened to the letters I sent to Santa when I was little. Maybe Santa's laughing is a bit bizarre and might give some children a scare, but on the overall, this is every child's dream land ;)
And on the side note, I really prefer these older cartoons compared to those modern ones nowadays.....yeah, call me old-fashioned :)

for some more Christmassy spirit, visit Viridian's blog


  1. Somehow I don't associate Santa with a warm country, butwhat do I know?
    Nice set of stamps and I enjoyed the video.

  2. Never seen the cartoon before, they have picked out the scenes nicely for the stamps.

  3. Again I find myself almost repeating Bob's comment ... I've only ever known Christmas in cold places. I'm curious to experience it in a warmer climate though ... yet another thing to add to the ever growing "to do" list.

  4. I love Santa's laugh!!
    These stamps are a neat way of telling a story.

  5. Thanks for sharing these stamps!

  6. I think thy're wonderful stamps. I wonder why your Post Office has been so slow in publishing. Too late even for most internal mail, I would have thought.