Sunday, November 13, 2011

Volleyball + Football, Argentina

Today's theme at Viridian's is sports and everything related to it....having quite a lot of sports' stamps, it was a but difficult to pick...and after changing my mind several times, i ended up with two sets of stamps Argentina issued in 2002

the first set consists of two stamps, each with a face value of 75c, issued on 27 April 2002 called 20th Century World Cup Football Champions, bearing the flags of championship winners (from 1930-2002). So on the left stamp you can see the flags of France, Germany, England, Argentina (of course), Brazil, Uruguay and Italy. So far, France have won in 1998, Germany in 1954, 1974 and 1990 (this last one, in the summer of 1990, i followed with great attention), England was a winner in 1966, Argentina has two titles, 1978 and 1986, Brazil is the record-holder with 5 titles - 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002, Uruguay was the best in 1930 and 1950 while Italy has won in 1934, 1938 and 1982. Following the 2002, two other championships were held, in 2006, with Italy winning and 2010, with Spain winning the trophy. The right stamp portrays Argentina in particular, and as I had already said, indicating the years it had won the championship, in 1978 and 1986.

the size of both stamps is 43.5 mm, in length and width, while the left one is also perforated on the inside in a round shape.

the second set for today shows the Men's World Volleyball Championship, 2002

there are four stamps in the set, each with a face value of 75c. issued in 28 September.

Width 33.5 mm
Height 43.5 mm
Perforations 13.6 by 13.5

The FIVB World Championship is an international men's and women's indoor volleyball competition. It is the oldest and most important of all the international events organized by the FIVB.
It is again held every four years, and Argentina was the host in 2002, where Brazil had won, beating Russia in the finals with 3-2. So far Argentina doesnt have any trophies, neither in men's nor women's competition.

Most trophies so far were lifted by the Soviet Union, 6 in total. Brazil and Italy follow with three each, Czechoslovakia has two, and Poland, US and East Germany have one. Funny to see three no more existing countries...

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  1. Hi Ana! I've always enjoyed watching the men's and women's world volleyball championships, thanks to cable tv and the internet. I didn't know Russia dominated this sport though.

    These are cool action images on the stamps! I wish tennis on stamps will be next to be issued with Rafa on the first issues :D :D :D

    I have two entries for this week. Please visit when you have time.

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    My Stamp Menagerie

  2. Love the football stamps :) Too bad my country won't ever be featured on the winner's stamp ;-)

  3. I like the football stamps, especially the one on the right. Volleyball I know very little about but the stamps do show the excitement of it.

  4. Oh a round football stamp, what a nice combination of stamps. Long time since England won that which is more than we will ever do in Volleyball. Bit of a minority sport here, which is a shame, as I love it. Nice stamps.

  5. Some fine stamps here especially the volleyball. What a shame it's the beach volleyball that gets all the press.

  6. Interesting stamps. That is an unusual combination in the first two.

  7. I really like the football stamps. Though I only ever follow it during the World Cup, still it is my favourite sport.

  8. We Americans have to be reminded that soccer is really football to the rest of the world. Great stamps, and nice to velleyball represented. thanks for participating.

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