Friday, May 21, 2010

Railways Centenary, Montenegro

My favourite Montenegrin stamps, issued in 2008, arrived at their final stop, my mailbox, few days ago!!!!!

If you know at least a bit how much I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE trains, than you could MAYBE get the idea how thrilled and happy and delighted and ecstatic i went when i found this MOST FANTASTIC cover in my mailbox!!! These train stamps are finally mine mine mine miiiiiiinnneeeeee!!!!

And all that thanks to my dear Rajko! Yeah Rajko, I know you are blushing again now, but sorry, I just cant help it...and its your *fault* either way coz you sent it to me! :P

The stamps were issued in a set of 6 stamps in 2008 in order to commemorate the 100 years since the first Montenegrin Railway.
Each stamp depicts a different *story*....where on the first stamp (starting from the top row), you can see a part of a rail...the second stamp shows the Lovćen Locomotive on its final stop in Virpazar at the shore of Skadar Lake, while the third stamp from the top row shows again the Lovćen Locomotive at the Sutorman staion, on the Bar-Virpazar line.
The bottom row starts with the port in Bar portrayed in 1908. The second stamp shows the First Locomotive at the entrance of Nikšić, while the last stamp shows a reprint of a postcard of Bar from 1910, showing the departure of the steam motor train for Virpazar.

the dimensions of the stamp are 42,00 x 35, 00 mm
Perforation: Comb

Hvala Rajko još jednom!


  1. ...and what catalog say? Not so rare or expensive, set of 6 value will reach 3.00 euro in mint condition, same set with gutter will go to 6.00 euro, and small sheet of 5 stamp + gutter will reach this 18.00 euro.
    Strange low catalog value, if we know that just 28 000 sets are printed and additional 10 000 booklet. Booklet which are printed in leaf of 6 stamp, numbered on the right/down corner which have catalog value over 15.00 euro.

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