Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nordic Maritime, Finland

Finland has been rather neglected on this blog, yet it has some awesome I thought that for today's Sunday Stamps entry, I'll show these two Finnish items...I think that Titanic as a ship theme is rather over-estimated (not that there aren't some great Titanic issues..some of which I proudly own :))

Here I have one FDC and one cover with a mini sheet...both coming from the Finnish "Nordic Maritime" series. The above FDC was issued in 2010 while the cover below comes with a mini-sheet issued in 2012 (yeah, those are coffee stains)
For the set on the FDC, "Top of the World", Finland chose to depict the award-winning Maritime Center Vellamo, the Finnish Wooden Boat Center, and the Tarmo Museum Ship in the Kantasatama Harbor in Kotka.

on the cover, the miniature sheet honors both The Finnish Lifeboat Institution (an organization for voluntary maritime rescue associations in Finland) and The Finnish Border Guard.)

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  1. Stamps from Finland never disappoint! Great covers.

  2. It's nice to see mini sheets used on covers.

  3. The mini sheets are nice (seems a shame to separate the stamps, though...)

  4. great choices for today's theme. thank you for joining in.

  5. I was sent the sailing boat stamp on a postcard so nice to see the full miniature sheet. I love the cancel.