Sunday, April 24, 2011

Railways of 1900 and 2000, Czech Republic

Well, being a Sunday, I think I can finally participate in the Sunday Stamps! And being the theme for today is 'anything you wish', my choice fits in rather well I think :)
If you want to join as well, just follow this link:

Well, im posting today this fantastic cover that Radim sent me, featuring a railway mini sheet.

Unfortunately, the information with regards to it are rather scarce, but still, it shouldnt be an obstacle of posting it here, no? :) And I know I have some Czech readers here, so if they could provide some more detailed info, Id be very grateful!
These stamps were issued on 09.05.2000 where the stamps at the top show a train from 1900 with a steam locomotive, service coach and carriages for passengers, while the bottom ones show a type 371 locomotive. The coupon in the middle features a map of the main railway corridors which run across this country.
The face value of the sheet is 23 CZK.

Again, thanks a million to Radim for such a great contribution to my collection!


  1. That is a very interesting cover. I couldn't find more information on those stamps, but I did see a nice Easter stamp on the ceskaposta website.

  2. Stamps from the Czech republic seem to be a mini-theme today :-) thank you for participating and love the stamps and sheet. I'll ahve trains as a future theme soon - promise.

  3. I love this sheet of train stamps. From ancient to modern.

  4. Hi Ana, I did not even know you had a stamp blog, but the your choice was pretty logic for me, too!

  5. Wow! What a beautiful stamp! You must be glad to have him as a friend. :)

    Sunday Stamp

  6. Oh, I'll bet this mailpiece shot you to the moon. I know you've been crazy busy, but what am I going to have to do to get some mail from you? Do I have to track down some more train postcards? Which I might have already done (hint hint)?

  7. Amiga, well.. what can I say? Great minds think alike. Viridian has stamps from the Czech, too :)
    Chris ALWAYS has something funny to say. Hi Chris :)

    Vamos, Rafa!

    Postcards Crossing

  8. Wonderful cover, I like the span of time, although there seems to be more people travelling on the 1900 train:-) The map is a nice addition to the mini sheet, love to travel by train across the country.